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Winter Workshop

When you travel as part of a GLCA Workshop group you will be provided fascinating insights into local life during excursions wherever our worldly travels take us. You can expect to take part in exclusive activities or gain entry to exotic places as we travel through the United States and the World. When you travel as part of a GLCA workshop group you will see seldom visited sights with incredible access to them. World-class museums, private palaces, performances, or wine tasting located on a  hilltop vineyard during an eclipse for just a few examples. You can expect the best experiences travel has to offer.

Every detail on our trips are designed to enrich and enhance your travel experience, helping you fully immerse yourself in the rich cultures you are visiting. GLCA will ensure you can connect to your destination in every possible way. With the help of our professional travel partners, we will take you deeper, offering behind-the-scenes insights and opportunities while learning about the local construction taking place and infrastructure projects of our host city. While we include the expected and iconic, such as visits to renowned museums and notable landmarks, we also go beyond, offering local life, working world and optional privileged access experiences in places otherwise difficult to visit.

Dining is a very important highlight during your GLCA Workshop travel experience. We take incredible pride identifying amazing restaurants with chefs that create a variety of delicious offerings featuring European, American and Asian specialties, adapted for Western tastes featuring fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, and local cuisines  on our journeys.

Please be sure to review our trips when they become available for registration within our GLCA communications.

Vancouver Suspension Bridge
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