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Our Safety Committee meets once a month to address the needs of the union, commercial construction industry.  We have an Ambassador Alliance relationship between OSHA and the Lake County Building & Construction Trades Council.  We recognize the importance of sharing information, resources, and time to create a safe work environment.  Opportunities for training are regularly offered, sometimes free of charge or greatly subsidized.

GLCA members benefit from our government affairs advocacy.  As a large portion of the construction industry is dependent on spending at the state level, GLCA is always advocating for its members on key funding issues.

 GLCA is actively involved with current legislative issues affecting our industry. We are also members of the Illinois Construction Industry Council (ICIC) representing our interest at the state level.  As the issues move through the legislative process, our Government Affairs Committee actively keeps the membership apprised of the current state of the legislation.  And should any topical issues arise, they will alert the membership of those issues and recommend the Association’s course of action.


We regularly attend career days at high schools and vocational schools to share the tremendous opportunities available for young people considering a career in the trades.  Our Education Committee meets quarterly to discuss the needs of the members in every area of their business, from individual employee performance to new technical tools available in the field.

Visit the Great Lakes Construction Association's Member Training Services site, for training information for:  Business Skills, Communication, Computer Applications, Construction & Trades, Information Technology, Language, and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for All Employers.

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We are a diverse industry membership association including over 200 members in 27 categories from three states and all surrounding counties in the Chicagoland area. The GLCA offers a wide variety of potential clients and resources for your company to interact with every month.  Attending our membership functions will allow you the opportunity to do business with a member. This will improve quality, reduce cost and grow your business. Current industry trends, relevant topics, and incredible networking opportunities take place at every GLCA event.  In 2023 alone our Golf Outing drew over 288 golfers, Our Summer Cook-Off had over 2700 attendees and our Annual Dinner was sold out a week after we opened registration. Our meetings and events are must attend. They create incredible opportunities to build relationships and your business.

Allow us to assist with your negotiations, contracts, and union issues. Benefit from being able to assign your “Bargaining Rights” and not face this time-consuming task alone. Our affiliation with MARBA allows for industry partners to have one voice at bargaining time. The GLCA membership volunteer on many important craft and grievance committees, industry boards and funds as trustees. Our overwhelming participations and holding positions within this group allows us to have one of the largest industry voices at the table.

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