Great Lakes Construction Association...

(formerly Lake County Contractors Association)

A Strong History and A Bright Future

We were founded in 1947 in Lake County, Illinois by contractors who recognized that in order to have a bigger voice in union labor contracts and government affairs that affected their businesses, they needed to join forces with like-minded contractors. So from an interesting idea our long-lived Association was founded. We can now proudly say that we have over 200 members in 27 work categories from three states and all of the surrounding counties in the Chicagoland area.


Throughout the years we have become an Association concerned not only with government affairs and legislation, but also with education, safety and events. We bring our members closer together and keep them informed of the current trends.


In 2017, in order to better reflect our regional influence and multi-state membership, we changed our name to the Great Lakes Contractors Association. Even though we have a new name our basic mission has not changed. If anything, we have added resources to benefit our membership.